It is mostly believed that the Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, but in the actual sense, Istanbul is not. In the actual sense, the capital of Turkey is called Ankara which is always a boring one.So Why Visiting ISTANBUL ?

Istanbul is known for its several attractions and tourists for citizens and foreign tourists. In fact, Istanbul is the most populated area in entire Turkey. Officially, there are over 20 million habitats in Istanbul as a whole while the average number of inhabitants in Istanbul is much higher. Living in such a city is never easy, but from research, the reasons for this crowd are as a result of the beauty of the city plus several advantages of living in Istanbul.

habitants in IstanbulTherefore, if you’ve never visited Istanbul, and you are looking for reasons to be there, you’ll get handful information as a guide in this article. You can also get several important reasons why you need to make your next trip to Istanbul from this article. Please sit back and relax as you enjoy this piece.

The following are some of the reasons why you need to visit Istanbul soon.

Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two different continents.

Istanbul is located on two different continentsIt is divided into two equal parts by the sea called the Marmara Sea. The first part is located right on the Asian continent while the second half is in the European continent. The two continents are connected to each other with two large-sized bridges. One of the bridges is called Bosphorus Bridge while the other bridge is called Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Therefore, if you want to travel from one side of the city to the other, you can go on ferries as it’s usually one of the most enjoyable ways to travel with.

Get the best and most beautiful view when you look at Bosphorus.

Anytime you’re opportune to choose a hotel accommodation in Istanbul, ensure you choose an accommodation having Bosphorus view when you look at it from the balcony if possible. And if not, visit some restaurants with these views, and enjoy your dinner while watching the nice scenery in the city.


This can be considered as one of the reasons why you need to visit Turkey. Not only are the people of Istanbul hospitable, but the level of hospitality of Turkish also is super, and most of these people speak English or less as their language. In short, they are very friendly. Meeting people in Istanbul is pretty easy, and if you’re visiting Istanbul alone, you’ll never feel bored.

The taste of Turkish food.

Turkey is known for its several tastes and great delicacies. So if you are traveling around Turkey, you can easily enjoy the taste of each food. But it’s pretty unfortunate that you can only find all in one in Istanbul. In Istanbul, there are thousands of excellent restaurants having almost all kinds of foods available at varying prices depending on your choice of interest.

Visiting ISTANBUL To See Nightfall

For young kids, Istanbul has a home for animated nightlife. In fact, Istanbul has various centers for animated nightlife and each of these centers has various nighttime activities and functions. One of the most popular animated night lives in Istanbul with affordable prices is Taxim. In short, there are more places to enjoy and go in the city of Istanbul.

Religious culture in Istanbul

One of the significant factors that made Istanbul a must visit for most people is the opportunity of getting to know much about Islamic culture. In fact, the Muslim culture in Istanbul is completely different than that of Christian culture, and they are damn strict about their religious culture.

Even though it is very interesting to know about their culture, but in a situation where you try to learn their religious culture where people are radical about religion, then it might result into a whole lot of dangers. As far as Istanbul and Turkey are concerned, religious practices are moderate and enjoyable.


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