Most of the people would prefer to indulge in adventurous activities rather than lazing around the serene beaches or unwind with their friends at a night club. Listed below are some of the top adventure destinations which are suited for such people across the globe.

South Korea:

South Korea which is sandwiched between Japan and Korea is one of the underrated tourist destination spot is teeming with adventure. It has a favorable climatic condition making it an ideal place to take part in adventurous activities. It is a paradise for both the cyclists as well as hikers. Pyeongchang which is a city located towards the east is the primary venue for hosting Winter Olympics. One can even savor authentic Korean dishes during the final stages of your adventure.



Kyrgyzstan which is a land locked country located at Central Asia is yet another under-rated tourist destination spot. During the onset of summer season, the Alpine peaks and verdant valleys gets converted into a perfect spot for indulging in adventure sports like horse riding, rafting and trekking. Visitors can even take part in expeditions for few days or weeks during the course of their journey.



The magnificent mountains of Snowdonia and its rugged coast lines is a national park located at Wales. You can kick-off your recreational activities by jumping off the steep cliffs under the guidance of a professional climber or indulge in kayaking besides the coast to witness picturesque views of the cliffs. Some of the major attractions in Blaenau Ffestiniog include Bounce Below. Check-out via ferrata which is one of the world’s biggest trampolines located inside a large cave. If you would prefer to feel the rush of adrenaline in your veins, take a ride on zip lines.



It is regarded as one of the preferred adventure tourist destination spots across the globe owing to the hospitality and friendly approach of the residents of Georgia. A magnificent view of the Caucasus Mountains and endless activities like trekking surprises the visitors. Svaneti and Tusheti are the two famous trekking spots in the Republic of Georgia.



Nevis which is a small island located besides the Caribbean Sea boasts of its charm and beauty. It encourages the discerning visitors to get immersed themselves in this magical world. This island is also a haven for wildlife and to those who wish to take part in adventurous activities like hiking, cycling, scuba diving as well as wind-surfing.

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia:

Barrier Reef of Australia

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia located along the coast of Queensland in Australia offers awe-inspiring views of one of the largest coral reef system. It is said to be the only place which is clearly visible from the outer space. The tourists can indulge in plenty of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and aerial tours.



Malaysia is a city which is steeped in history and it is a melting pot of diverse cultures, cuisines picturesque landscapes and people. The tourists can go for a stroll across the streets while munching on street foods and exploring places of worship of different religions.



During the onset of winter season, the tourists can trek through the snow laden mountains or choose ice climbing against the frozen walls. One can even wind the mountain paths with a toboggan (a traditional mode of transport) at a blazing speed. Later, you may proceed to the rocky caverns via canyoning.



Zimbabwe is yet another under rated African destination which is a haven for wildlife. Apart from that, it is also an ideal spot to indulge in adventurous activities.



Columbia which was previously an isolated country is currently one of the favorites for adventure enthusiasts. The country has a rich cultural heritage and it is unique in terms of cuisines, traditions and costumes. This small country is blessed with magnificent mountains, serene beaches as well as jungles.

Whistler Mountain:

Whistler Mountain

The Whistler Mountain located at Canada is an ideal tourist destination spot for those wish to feel the rush of adrenaline in their veins. One can take part in activities like ice-skating, skiing and even winter sports.

The Amazon Jungle:

The Amazon Jungle

It could be one of the finest places in the world where you can test your endurance capacity. Hike through the tropical dense forest of Amazon.

Tramping through the Mild Ford Track at New Zealand:

New Zealand

Tramping is regarded as one of the popular classic trails of New Zealand. The visitors are required to book their tickets much in advance in order to kick-off their journey. The magnificent mountains are scaled by ninety-walkers per day.


Wadi Rum at Jordan :

Wadi Rum

Experience the wilderness of the desert by trekking way up to the summit via canyons.

Stok Kangri:

Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri located in the region of Ladakh is a perfect place for trekking. You may proceed way up to the summit to witness the panoramic views of the Himalayas.

Lake Tangayika in Tanzania:

Lake Tangayika

Board a light aircraft from Arusha to get to the iconic base camp named ‘Grey Stoke Mahale’ located besides the Lake Tangayika. The visitors are required to scale through the Mahale Mountains to catch a glimpse of elusive wild chimpanzees who are living in small groups.

Spitsbergen in Norway:


Spitsbergen which is a Norwegian Archipelago is renowned for its rugged terrains and frozen tundra. Make you way to the island of Spitsbergen to engage in close quarters with polar bears who are feeding on carcass. It is also a breeding ground for sea birds and walruses.

Those who would like to feel the pulse of adventure places in the world should definitely explore some of the above mentioned under rated destinations in the world.


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