The sunny Tahiti is also known as the Queen of the Pacific because it is the largest of the 118 archipelagos located in the South Pacific.  An extraordinary vacation or honeymoon destination is the islands of Tahiti.  There are many beautiful and serene places to visit on the islands that include pristine beaches, romantic lagoons, blue-green forest, swimming in calm lakes under cascading waterfalls and great hiking in rainforests.

These islands have high-class hotels and resorts that provide great package deals that are all-inclusive for a single traveler, family or honeymoon. If you enjoy sitting on a white sand beach drinking a refreshing drink under a crystal clear blue sky, you will be interested in visiting the Tahitian islands. These notable islands in the sun offer high-class restaurants and hotels for many years.

The most sensual experiences you will enjoy is booking Tahiti Vacation packages and visiting one of the Moorea resorts or Tahiti resorts. Most of the travel companies specialize in Tahiti vacation deals. If you want to travel via the US mainland, all the inclusive Tahiti vacation packages offer you with the exceptional value for your money. They also include round-trip air ticket from Los Angeles. The Manihi Pearl Beach Resort is one of the most popular spots and it is few mile away from Uturoa town. The clean water of Manihi is a famous diving destination for black pearls. It attracts both experienced and novice divers across the world.

As a guest, you will have access to different kinds of breakfast, dinner for two and diving instruction. The food is delicious and provides a comprehensive selection of French cuisine and local cuisine. There are also family cafes, food stands and great end restaurants for culinary pleasure. The hotel facilities include a swimming pool, a restaurant and bar on the premises.

Their travel packages include roundtrip airfare from California, Los Angeles in the USA, including dinner, excursions, breakfast, driving lessons, water sports and other facilities. It also includes nights hang out in the hotel with a view of the lagoon and also spending seven nights in an air-conditioned bungalow on the beach.

There are lots of forest trails to hike to artificial lakes and waterfalls. These trails are usually slippery and muddy so wear the proper footwear. Some beaches are meant for adult only and beaches that are for families; they are all great.

Tahiti is a south sea island paradise. You can check the internet for all-inclusive vacation packages or hire a travel agent to look for the right package for you.


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