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There's no excuse to miss a chance of an unplanned getaway with your beloved! Find the best vacation deals and trip ideas for couples at Travel Gate. Browse our rich collection of hotel and air-inclusive vacation deals around the world and leave no stone unturned to make your next vacation a fab.

Weekend Getaways Colorado

Weekend Getaways Colorado | Weekend Getaways In Colorado For Couples

Colorado is an oasis in itself. In the Rocky Mountains is the highest claim of the Western States in fame: Family skiing, a beautiful natural landscape, and wonderfully fresh air. Not only is the weather...
Palm Island - Man Made Island Dubai

Palm Island – Man Made Island Dubai | TravelGate

All You Need to Know About Dubai's Man Made Island Dubai has the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa at 2,717 feet), the largest indoor theme park in the world, and soon the world's...

Plan A Trip To Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand

Have you ever dreamed of visiting New Zealand? This beautiful island country in the South Pacific may be the perfect place to travel. You can plan to visit both islands halfway around the world,...
Best Places To Travel Alone In The US 2018 TravelGate

Best Places To Travel Alone In The US 2018 TravelGate

The USA is beautiful, from the landscape to the sparkling sea. It is amazing that in one country you can reach some of the highest mountains, a tropical beach in Hawaii and Alaska glaciers,...
5 Best Destinations For Solo travellers Right Now | TravelGate

5 Best Destinations For Solo travellers Right Now | TravelGate

We like to stay longer in discovering a location for Solo travellers , its history, and culture. We place more emphasis on comfort, more emphasis on moderate weather, good nutrition, good infrastructure and a...

San Francisco : The Commercial Hub of Northern California!

San Francisco which is located at Northern California, United States of America is a famed for its charm and beauty. The enchanting views of the landscape capture the attention of millions of tourists from...

United States of America: A Melting pot of cultures

The United States of America, which is officially termed as 'USA', is one of the largest countries in North America. The density of population is high since it is inhabited by more than three-hundred...
views of Dubai

Experience the enchanting views of Dubai

I always had a passion to visit Dubai. Therefore, I decided to take a break from my routine work and booked my flight tickets to Dubai. I discovered that on average about fourteen million...
best island beaches in the world

5 best island beaches in the world where you can spend your vacation

Tours can actually turn out to be most regretful and highly boring if one makes a mistake in the choice of place to spend the vacation. And on this note is this article written to help...


Saudi Arabia is one of the most prominent countries in the whole world with several interesting cities in it, being a religious base and the several magnificent architectural structures have made it more prominent and exceptional....

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