Best River Cruises In USA
Are You Planning River Cruises - Best River Cruises In USA

The waterways are becoming the new travelling spot for tourists rapidly. New cruises are being shaped to meet the needs of the travelers and provide them the best quality and comfort. United States of America has a lot of beautiful rivers, and to explore them with fun, entertainment while knowing the history as well, it’s best to travel on a cruise. Many US based companies are now in market for river cruising, you may choose the one which suits your budget and comfort level. Let us look at some of the best river cruises in USA.


  1. Mississippi River

Mississippi, River
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Whoever wants to know History, should head over to the Mississippi River cruises. The tour guides and lecturers in the cruise will enlighten you with the history of every place you head over to such as, Vicksburg and Chattanooga. The best way to cruise in Mississippi River is on an American Queen cruises which is the world’s largest steam boat. It can carry over 440 passengers and takes on a ride for about 3 to 10 days respectively. The cruise will take on an adventure sailing to places such as Ohio, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Vicksburg, St. Paul, Orleans, St. Louis and Louisville.


  1. Snake River

Snake River
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The Snake River cruise is one of the best river cruises in USA. Depending upon the package, it will take you to destinations including but not limited to, Ortland, Rainier, Clarkston, Astoria, Stevenson and Pendleton. Some places will be full of greenery while others will be barren desert, so you will be able to experience different types of lands. The historians on the cruises will provide daily lectures on history such as, Lewis & Clark. It will definitely be the best days of your life. Let’s not forget to mention, this will be an ideal trip for the wine lovers as there will be several stops for world’s best wines and you may have the change to blend you own wine.


  1. Alaska Waterways

Alaska Waterways
Alaska Waterways

Cruise on the Alaska waterways in USA to get mesmerized by the natural beauty of the world. The 9 day cruise takes on an escapade to glaciers, wildlife areas, tiny towns and coastal cities. Alaska waterways cruises are a mixture of everything. An individual can enjoy the landscape and as well as do trekking, hiking, kayaking and swimming. The cruises are comfortable and they provide the best dining experience with indoor and outdoor activities especially designed for people on board.


  1. Romantic Rhine River Valley

Rhine River Valley
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Another one of the best river cruises in USA is the Romantic Rhine River valley. The cruises go through the fortresses and castles of different empires, kings and queens. The place is like a fairy tale, it looks like you are in a movie roaming around in your big palace. The sailing periods on the Romantic Rhine River valley is from March till the mid of December before the Christmas holidays. Experience the all-time best architecture from old to new around the Romantic Rhine River Valley.


  1. The Great Rivers of Florida

The Great Rivers of Florida
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These series of river cruises are the best river cruises in USA as the cruise will take you on an expedition to various lakes and lagoons. Moreover, you’ll be able to experience wildlife. Wherever you may look, you will be able to see different kinds of birds such as, wood stork and bald eagle. The cruises on the Great Rivers of Florida offer a wonderful view. Moreover, you’ll visit forests namely, Ocala National Forest to spot the reptiles of the forest habitat. The cruising time is March till April and then November till December.


As you read above, these were the all-time best river cruises in USA. What are you waiting for? Plan your River cruise trip today and go on an unforgettable voyage.


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