SANTORINI is essentially what remains after a massive volcanic eruption that destroyed the first settlement on the ancient island and created this current geological caldera.

Some of the Romantic Hotels in Santorini:

TravelGate knows what travelers are looking for in their hotels. When we visit real estate around the world, you appreciate how much each feature prevents competition from room to pool to the restaurant. So, if you’re planning a romantic trip and need a place to start, you’ve come to the right place. Look for our best romantic hotels in Santorini and be inspired!

Canaves Oia Hotel

Canaves Oia Hotel

The Hotel Canaves Oia is one of the most sophisticated and exclusive properties on the island of Santorini – with the right price. The finish is impeccable and luxurious, and the look gives the panoramic view of the sea all the advantage. The apartments are spacious, with clean interiors and amenities, a pool is also great for island standards. Spa treatments are available in the room, and those who want to break up can enjoy private sailing.

Lilium Villas Santorini


Lilium Villas Santorini is a medium-sized luxury boutique hotel overlooking the Chaldean Aegean side of Santorini Island. Prices can be high, but breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, and shuttle service to the town of Fira are included. It has a nice pool with children’s pool nearby that do not use much and spa on-site, but there is no fitness center. The rooms are spacious and airy but not as impressive as a well-designed restaurant and lounge. The sunset overlooking the caldera is the main selling point, though you may need a car or a shuttle service to explore the rest of the island while the hotel is on the road. Overall, this is a great option for a romantic break for the luxury for couples who do not need much content.

Andronis Luxury Suites

Andronis Luxury Suites


Andronis Luxury Suites is a luxury boutique hotel overlooking the Aegean Sea. Although Santorini Hotels and at the top of the hotel, go hand in hand, this property has the advantage of a location overlooking the caldera side of the Mediterranean and within walking distance of shops and restaurants in Oia. Each of the 22 apartments has a private hot tub. Some apartments are decorated in the island’s traditional cave style. The dramatic infinity pool oversees the rocks and the sea. The on-site restaurant receives good reviews for Greek cuisine and a complimentary breakfast with locally sourced ingredients.

Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle

Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki2


Built on the cliffs of Oia, the Art Maisons Luxury Boutique Hotel in Santorini is the Aspaki & Oia Castle, with white roof architecture, modern luxury décor and beautiful sunset views over the caldera, the volcano, and the Aegean Sea. All hotel facilities are shared but are located on the Aspaki grounds with the Oia Castle Apartments featuring heavier cave architecture and fantastic facilities. With just eight apartments in Aspaki and 11 apartments in Oia Castle, these two areas seem private and romantic and are ideal locations for budgets that are not budgeted. From the best espresso machines to swimming pools to unprotected volcanic rocks, everything is designed to impress you.

Rocabella Deluxe Suites & Spa in Santorini

Rocabella Santorini 0 Hotel & Spa


What sets Rocabella Deluxe Suites & Spa Santorini apart from other four-handed luxury properties on the island, with four swimming pools, a full spa, and two restaurants; Most hotels in this price range have only a pool, and a restaurant and the spas are even shorter. However, three pools (including one with an infinite limit) are narrow. The beds and balconies in the spacious rooms overlook the Aegean Sea. Rocabella is located in the perfect Caldera in the Aegean, from the beaten track between Fira and Oia. Some consider it isolated while others enjoy the crowd’s flight.

Petit Palace Suites Hotel

Petit Palace Suites Hotel


The Petit Palace Suites Hotel with 23 rooms offers a magnificent view of the sea – from an impeccable traditional terrace, you have a breathtaking view of the sea and the caldera. No date from the incredible pool to the future, restaurant and lounge bar overlooking the Aegean Sea. The rooms have private terraces overlooking the sea, some with private pool or whirlpool. Some apartments are rather basic in luxury decor, but the room facilities are adequate. Vibra is beautiful and has an unmistakable end that continues through the public spaces and attracts young teens looking for a perfect romantic environment.

Astra Suites

Astra Suites


For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of certain places in Santorini, quiet space on the 27-room Astra Suites cliff is a well-researched option. The hotel has a remarkable view of the Caldera rocks, next to the Aegean Sea and the bright blue sky. The rooms have large private terraces and luxurious linens, while the open spaces are stylish and modern. The combination of traditional architecture and modern decor gives the property an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

Ikies – Traditional Houses


Ikies -2 Traditional Houses

There is little that you do not like in this essential, but modern and enduring, Santorini complex. Ikies Traditional Houses are ideally located – on the quiet summit of the cliff, with the lightness of some of the best views of the island – and has many views to enjoy. The rooms are spacious and very well finished, though some private terraces may feel a bit public. Like most properties here, the pool is small but perfectly laid out. Guests are reluctant to admire and couples who want to spend their time in the quieter corner of the island enjoy the beautiful view.

Aenaon villas


Aenaon villas5

This small hotel on the island of Santorini consists of seven luxurious villas with fireplaces, private balconies, and high-quality details. The Aenaon Villas were built on the less crowded northern crumbs of the area, replacing the bar and restaurant with butler and room service. Expect luxurious couples looking for a private vacation. Children under 12 years are not allowed. There is no private spa offer, but the hotel’s massage treatments can be arranged on request.

Astarte Suites

Astarte Suites

From Swarovski crystals to hot tubs to charter services, this deluxe 11-room hotel is designed to attract high-end clients. Ideal for honeymooners or those looking for a romantic getaway, Astarte Suites strives to provide guests with discretion and privacy. The property offers modern décor with a modern design – much more luxurious than the nearby Apanemo Hotel – and all the stylish apartments are inspired by the other ancient Mediterranean culture.


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