Tanzania and Kenya are the best destinations known for the fantastic game reserves like Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara Game Reserve, but there are more exciting places to these East African countries apart from their wildlife. As a result of this, you need to include a coastal visit to East African tours. You will find some fascinating historical places of Africa along the coast, including some of the continent’s beaches and resorts.  

The coastal metropolis of Kenya

In Kenya, Mombasa is the second largest city with a pitched culture on the coast of the Indian Ocean. While Nairobi attracts travelers visiting game reserves in the country, Mombasa still allows tourists that want to experience the typical Kenyan coastline. Mombasa share boundary with Dar es Salaam and Dakar than the Kenyan capital. It bends with Arabian, Indian and African cultures; this implies that if you are looking for a wide range of ethnic cuisines to indulge in, Mombasa will take care of your desires. You can explore the ancient part of Mombasa out on the water and check its food, but the variety of resorts and beaches in the locality also command your attention.

Zanzibar’s beaches

Zanzibar has the best beachside resorts apart from its fascinating culture and gorgeous buildings. Zanzibar is surrounded by stunning beaches that are good for swimming, snorkelling and suntanning.

Baraza Spa and Resort provides a luxury stay on Zanzibar’s southeastern coast and captures every exotic thing around the island. The main building has a mixture of brass lanterns and marble stone lining the walkways. It has about 30 luxury rooms scattered around the faultless beach and provides ocean views that you couldn’t think will be possible when you visited the populated streets of Stone Town. The restaurants provide many sorts of international dishes. On the northern part of the island, Essque Zalu Zanzibar provides some comforts in a friendly environment. The forty suites and eight comfortable bedroom villas spread across the beach and have terraces or balconies with garden or ocean views.

An isolated hideaway off the coast

You can visit Pemba Island if you are not satisfied with the crowds in Zanzibar. In Arabic, it is known as “Green Island”. Pemba Island is well known for its fantastic diving spots and exceptional coral reefs. The Island is situated close to the north of Zanzibar which makes it easy to access. Pemba is green and verdant with a hilly landscape surrounded with trees and other vegetative plant.  

Pemba Island’s coast consists of dotted lagoons and mangrove trees that are good for exploring. The entire island has exceptional wide white-sand beaches. In addition, the capital of Chake-cake is fantastic just like a coastal touchstone; you can visit the resort like the Manta Resort to experience the island’s tranquility. Pemba is a beautiful place to enjoy great pleasure and stay in touch with nature, either by hiking along the island’s mainland, snorkelling or swimming through waters to discover marine life.



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