Most charming small towns in Italy 2018

Planning a holiday to Italy? Well obviously you would be exploring Italy’s famous cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence but let’s not underestimate the charm of small towns you probably don’t know about. Italy has some charming towns which tourists can explore and get to know their cultures and styles. Read through the most charming small towns in Italy.


  1. Manarola

TheRealTimTam / Pixabay

Manarola is a small town in Italy which has bright painted houses all over the streets. A tourist attraction here is the wall of stone beside the Mediterranean coast. You must have heard about the paintings of Antonio Discovolors, he was a painter who lived in Manarola and made paintings of different parts of Manarola. If you want peace, you should definitely go to this place as cars are not allowed inside the town. Moreover, sip up fine wine as you walk along the streets.


  1. San Pantaleo


It is a small town village in Sardinia. There is church made here which is visited by a lot of Christians. For evening fun, there are road side bars to drink mock tails to cocktails. For the shopping geeks, there are small markets which sell handmade items made by the locals. There are only 2 hotels in this town where you can reside and have some peacetime.


  1. Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Vernazza, Cinque Terre
djedj / Pixabay

Vernazza is one of the most charming small towns in Italy which have candy colored houses. The streets lead to a beach and sea where people can have beach fun and do water sports. There is also an 11th century castle at this place which can be visited. Taste the most delicious seafood fresh from the sea, cooked and then served to the foodies.


  1. Pienza, Tuscany

Pienza, Tuscany

Cheese lovers should visit Pienza and taste the world famous pecorino cheese. Wander in the stoned streets of Pienza and inhale clean air. The streets have names related to love which makes it even more lovable. The views anywhere from the city are remarkable. Visit small roadside pizza shops to fulfill your pizza cravings. The town is UNESCO world heritage site and it is one of the most charming small towns in Italy.


  1. Grado

vonlucius / Pixabay

Grado is a small old town in the northern Italy and it is considered one of the most charming small towns in Italy as it has a beautiful sandy beach where people can go surfing, sailing and play beach volley. In addition, there are some restaurants with delightful food such as, a 0 KM seafood restaurant and Tavernetta All’Androna. Also, don’t forget to visit the ancient churches and Roman mosaics.


  1. Portofino
nir_design / Pixabay

Portofino has a harbor where there are hundreds of ships that sail every day. You can go sailing and tour the nearby area on the ship or yacht. There are also special fishing areas for fishing. Moreover, visit inside the pastel colored luxurious buildings, they have boutiques and arts galleries in there. Go to the area’s museum to know about the history and see historical objects.


  1. Assisi

bogitw / Pixabay

Assisi is a special town to Catholics as this is where Francis, the founder of the Franciscan Religious Order was born. The place has a religious importance. Visit the tomb of Francis when you are in this town. If you want to eat traditional food of Assasi stop at Trattoria Degli Umbri de Brufani Andrea. Assasi is one of the most charming small towns in Italy particularly due to its religious significance.


  1. San Gemini

San Gemini
San Gemini

San Gemini is a small town in Italy famous for its pizza parlour. When you are in the town you may eat pizza from The Piazza San Francesco which is beautifully designed. Moreover, walk down the stoned narrow small streets. You may rent a bicycle and cycle around the peaceful towns as there will be no horns to disturb you.


  1. Amalfi

falco / Pixabay

Amalfi is one of the most charming small towns in Italy as it has the final resting place of St. Andrew which can be visited. The tourists can trek and hike on The Paths of Gods. Amalfi hits the coastline so water sports can also be done. One can go swimming into the chilling ocean.  Hotel Luna Convento is a great place to stay here at Amalfi as they offer cozy rooms with a spectacular view.

  1. Mantua, Lombardy

Mantua, Lombardy
sferrario1968 / Pixabay

There are a number of castles in Mantua which can be visited, famous ones include Ducale Palace, the old fortress Castle of St George, and the summer palace Palazzo Te. Not only Mantua has castles, it has 3 lakes to accompany the lakes which makes it almost like a fairytale. Tourists may do architectural photography here and can take lots of pictures with scenic view.


These were the most charming small towns in Italy you must visit when you go on a holiday to Italy. I assure you, you will have lots of fun, experience and see a lot of new things and places.


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