Italian food is the most common national cuisine on the earth. When embarking on Italy vacation, you will not have any problem searching for fantastic dishes regardless of where you are heading to in the country. There are many ways to eat your way through an Italy vacation, but for clarification, let’s discuss travelling from north to south to experience the country’s culinary pleasures.

Comfort and Heat in Milan

If you are travelling on an Italy vacation, you can begin your journey in the northern part of the country in Milan. The city is close to both Sweden and France, just beneath the Swiss Alpine. As a result of this, it has a cold climate much more in Italy, so the cuisine moves close to the heat that a good meal can offer.   

Eat the Old Standards Food in Northern Italy

There are farmer’s fields of Piedmont and Lombardy that grows Arborio and Italian rice. This rice is prepared to make delicious gooey, risotto and slow-cooked rice concoction that makes another way of preparing rice fantastic. Risotto’s distinctive texture and starchy taste occur as a result of slow cooking in boiled broth and wine, allowing the liquid absorb inside the rice and bring out starches. The cooked rice is then mixed with parmesan and other ingredients like baked tomatoes or mushrooms and pesto. This gives a starchy, aromatic flavor.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth in Venice

When you travel to the eastern part of Italy, you get to Venice close to the Adriatic Sea. Venice is a unique centre notable for its culture and history. It is a particular place in Italy; you can get all sort of Italian food in the city. The city accommodates large population of international travelers that visit yearly. Another thing you will observe during your Italy vacation in Venice is how people love dessert. Another great dish is Tiramisu that originated in Venice. This great place provides your sweet tooth with this Italian dessert. Tiramisu is prepared from eggs, sugar, coffee, mascarpone cheese, cocoa made with ladyfinger pastries. You can stop off at a traditional bar to have a great espresso that is more aromatic, stronger and fresher than North America.  

After enjoying yourself with a coffee, you can take some tiramisu. It is usually an elegant dessert and has some distinctive flavor apart from the sugar rush.

Island Treats in Sicily

After Venice, you might assume that you have eaten all the dishes in Italy, but you are not done yet until you moved to the island of Sicily and learned more about their culture. Sicily exceptional culture comes with different sorts of foods. The most notable Sicilian foods you need to eat is arancini; the fried rice balls are standard even in North American kitchens.

From Milan to Venice, from Venice to Sicily, Italy offers some of the best food throughout the world, with each important city having their dishes that contributed immensely to their tradition of Italian cooking.

You need to go on an Italy vacation to experience the reason why Italy food is the best across the world. Eating your way through Italy is an adventure. Also, when you taste Italian food prepared with European gem, you might never return.


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