Best Caribbean Islands for a Relaxing Vacation

Caribbean Islands are famous for their sandy coasts which offer a relaxing place or the locals and tourist to spend their holidays and have a relaxing vacations. There are a lot of beautiful Caribbean Islands but we have made a list of best of the best Caribbean islands for a relaxing vacation. Read our list and plan your next vacation accordingly.

  1. Anguilla


The Anguilla Islands are one of the best Caribbean Islands for a relaxing vacation. They have over 30 beaches for tourists to enjoy and have fun. If you are looking to visit a peaceful and less crowded place to relax and enjoy for yourself, Anguilla Islands are probably the best for you. These are peaceful with no noise. You will only hear the sound of rushing waves hitting the sandy sea shore. You can relax by opening an umbrella, take a sun bath while you sip on a chilled Mock tail. The place is great for running away from your life problems and having a relaxing day all to yourself where there is no worldly affair. And if you have relaxed enough for the day, there is nightlife on these Islands where you can boost up yourself.

 2. Antigua

 Antigua Islands
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The Antigua Islands are full of excitement and it’s a full entertainment package. There are lots of delicious food restaurants that serve food from all over the world at one place. The cafes have mouthwatering and fancy desserts. The beaches here have a sandy of pink and white color mixed so it becomes a baby pink beach which looks way too cute. The nightlife is what Antigua is famous for, the locals have another word for it, as they say it, Waladli or Wadadli. People dance to the beats in disco all night long. In short, the island never sleeps. You can relax during the day and night both depending where you are on the island. Antigua is one of the best Caribbean Islands for a relaxing vacation.


  1. British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Island
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One of the most luxurious and best Caribbean Islands for a relaxing vacations is British Virgin Island. The island can be toured in a boat or you can book a cruise with a package. The British Virgin Island consists of Cane Garden Bay and a lot of beaches of Anegada. This is a perfect place for a vacation as there are various hotels to stay in depending upon the budget and luxury level you choose such as Peter Island Resort. The customer service is top notch at this area so you can relax and get yourself served all the time. When you are here do not forget to visit The Bath at Virgin Gorda. The ideal time to go on a relaxing vacation at British Virgin Islands is from September to November.

  1. Lucia

31774 / Pixabay

St. Lucia is one of the best Caribbean Islands for a relaxing vacation. The island is celebrated for its culture, arts and festivals. There are many places to visit on the island such as, Pigeon Island National Landmark, Anse Chastanet and Reduit Beach. The place can accommodate the tourists well in well-furnished hotels and resorts namely, Ladera, Jade Mountain and Capella Marigot Bay. The hotels have restaurants inside them so you do not have to worry about the food. The best time to visit the St. Lucia Island is May to June. At the start of May, there is a music festival held at Pigeon Island National Park which is called St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. Music and arts lovers should definitely attend it.

  1. Barts

St. Barts
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St. Barts consists of 14 beautiful beaches which are open to public. The shoreline is the best place to have a relaxing vacation and as well as have fun. Beach volley is played every now and then. People also come for water sports such as surfing and swimming. The best places to visit and explore in St. Barts are Eden Rock – St Barths, Le Sereno and Hotel Christopher. The ideal months to plan a vacation for St. Barts are April, May and June. The Island is relatively expensive so you may pack some food from home to eat here or book a place on rent which has a kitchen so you can cook for yourself. However, if you want to eat fresh readymade food served to you, you can visit old reputable restaurants such as, Maya’s in Gustavia and Le Tamarin. St. Barts are one of the best Caribbean Islands for a relaxing vacation.

  1. Curacao

Curacao Island
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The Curacao Island is full of old historic architecture which is still preserved for the locals and tourists to see. There are colorful buildings such as Yellow, Blue and Pink. Visit the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge and take some photographs. Moreover, if you are looking to go scuba diving, this is the best Island to do so. Head over to the beach and have the best and ultimate scuba diving experience. You can also set up a BBQ and enjoy eating the chickens. The island has a lot of good and decent places to stay such as, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort and Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino. The time period to visit this island is very broad, one can visit it from May till November.

  1. Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos
kelly8843496 / Pixabay

The Turks and Caicos will be the most beautiful islands you will ever visit due to their natural beauty. You can relax on the white pearly sandy beach. In addition, The Grace bay and Taylor bay are also famous place to relax on the beach and play water sports. Turks and Caicos have the best and most beautiful coral reefs, head over to Bight reef if you are interested. April and May are the best months to visit these Islands due to the pleasant weather in these months for a relaxing vacation. The Asian and Mexican foods are famous and shouldn’t be missed at this Island.


So this was a list of best Caribbean Islands for a relaxing vacation. These Islands are beautiful as well as have a lot of activities for the tourists. Plan your next vacation to the Caribbean Islands.


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