Saudi Arabia is one of the most prominent countries in the whole world with
several interesting cities in it, being a religious base and the several magnificent
architectural structures have made it more prominent and exceptional. Cities such
as Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and most especially the capital city which is
mecca has made this country on the peak of world attraction.
However, what has made this city to be a point of contraction to the world is its
ability to retain historical monuments. The uniqueness of this cities is therefore
discussed below.

Masjid Al Haram , Mecca :

​This holy edifice is located in the city of Mecca, and the beautiful Masjid Al Haram is generally accepted by Muslims as
one of the scariest places in the world. It is also called the House of God. And it is
the largest mosque in the world also known as Kaaba. This magnificent place
covers the area of 88.2 acres and has the capacity for over four million pilgrims.
Pilgrims in their large numbers gather there to perform Hajj. It has a unique cuboid
shaped structure with simple and remarks cuboid shaped architecture. This beauty
has earned this magnificent place a very high attraction for tours.

Masjid Al Nabawi , Medina:

This another beautiful place in the city. Though a religious centre, nevertheless,
that has never affected the side attraction of this edifice. The beautiful mosque was
established in the city of Medina – Saudi Arabia, and it is built by the Holy Prophet
Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and it is currently on hold of the government. With a
beautiful green dome structure, this mosque is said to be open for various services
including learning and worshipping throughout the year.
For Muslim, this one of the best places to be and worship their God. It has a very
large capacity for the worshipers and the original mosque structure built by the
prophet is still found existing as the hallmark of beautiful history.

Royal Saudi Air Force Museum , Riyadh:

​ The amazing Royal Air Force Museum is one of the major centres of attraction for many of the visitors and travellers who wish to know more about the air force, crafts, historical facts and figures, and space of Saudi Arabia. It is located in Riyadh, this amazing museum is
a park as well as a remarkable indoor museum. There are many aircraft of interest
on display in a modern and very attractive glass building. This also is enough to get
you to tour the city.

Kingdom Tower:​

the fourth reason why one could consider a tour to Saudi
Arabia is the presence of the kingdom tower. This happens to be the world’s tallest
building, and it fascinates many of the visitors from all around the world. The
Kingdom Tower located Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This amazing tower is a 3280ft tall
building and a beautiful skyscraper that talks to the sky. This amazing architectural
design attracts millions of people all over the world.

Hence, beyond the part of this great city as a religious base, it has also drawn the
attention of the world to itself by the various architectural designs in it. This has
caused many who had visited this beautiful place, to salute its beauty and them
ever which to go back. Hence, it is a good place for tours. Much more amazing
structures are in this city, but an attempt to visit there will fully convince you.


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