Art museum over the time has taken apart in the museum display or art gallery.
Especially after the western colonization of African countries. An art museum or
art gallery have however taken a huge part in revealing or causing a reflection of
the ancient activities of each country. And the process of doing this varies from the
display or exhibition of Paintings, art objects; sculptures, decorative arts, furniture,
textiles, costumes, drawings, pastels, watercolours, collages, prints, artist’s books,
However, tours have been made fascinating and interesting with this historical
monument. This article hence focuses on 5 world unavoidable art museum.

Uffizi Gallery :

The Uffizi gallery is located in the ancient city of Florence in Italy. The art museum has actually gained so many honours from its visitors, hence it is been considered universally as “Cradle of Renaissance”, the museum has its pride on the artistic heritage that is really outstanding in the world heritage museums. It has a compact city centre that is obviously
notable with gorgeous monuments and stored of inestimable value. The city has, however, because of this, emerged to the list of the famous city of the world. Well over one 1.5 million visitors have claimed to visit Italy each year for the reason of this museum. And they turn out with deep satisfaction as beyond their imagination. Hence they have said that Uffizi is hence anotable place that worth visitation especially with an amazing historical
status that it has.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington :

The Smithsonian is actually reckoned as the world’s largest research and museum
complex. It has 19 museums and art galleries. It is said to also have a National
Zoological Park, as well as various research stations. It actually houses the
America history as it contains well over 137 million objects that can practical
account for America’s story. Every opportunity that visitors had had to visit this

museum and actually given a satisfaction to the appetite of the tour. The monument
house so much that it could literally cause a visitor close to a week-long tour to see
through all it historical works. Every object in the Smithsonian museum is actually
attractive and certainly fascinating. Hence, it a place that worth it.

The Louvre, Paris in France :

The Louvre is such a wonderful place to visit on tour as every visitors to the museum as always tried to possibly give it a second chance. It uses to be ac a medieval fortress and also the palace of the kings of France become it became an exceptional side attraction and a renown museum two centuries ago. The addition of I. M. Pei’s pyramid has got many shocked when it was unveiled in 1989 as the new main entrance, yet it, however, works, integrating the royal palace’s disparate elements. The museum maintains so many fascinating collections, which ranges from ancient times, most especially from the first half of the 19th century. This has however enlisted this museum exceptional among the most important places in the world. Of the credits is good Sully Wing, at the foundations of Philippe-Auguste’s medieval keep. This is obviously the heart of the Louvre. Many kids have expressed their love for it and that part it leads straight to the Egyptian rooms.

The Acropolis Museum, Athens :

This historical monument is situated in South America with several deep amazing
artworks that are obviously capable of calling for a tour. The museum has an amazing transparent glass floor which provides a walk over history and alongside a satisfactory a view of the archaeological excavation which is observable while sloping upward to the Acropolis and sanctuaries of the Athenians from each historic period. Some smaller settlements have been excavated and it has actually given glimpses of Athenian life.
The Archaic Gallery has really gotten South America to be a desirable place.

State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia :

Hermitage has actually managed to acquire a large number of world art that is quite over three million items that range from Stone Age to the early 20th century. The museum is a occupies six buildings along the Neva River, the leading structure being the confection-like Winter Palace. The structure was completed in 1764 and Catherine, the Great founded the museum that same year and she purchased 255 paintings from Berlin. The museum’s focal point is Western European art and maintained 120 rooms in four buildings ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. This makes them museum most desirable to all her visitors and is obviously a place to behold.


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