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We like to stay longer in discovering a location for Solo travellers , its history, and culture. We place more emphasis on comfort, more emphasis on moderate weather, good nutrition, good infrastructure and a range of activities where the risk of bone fractures is low.

As we travel alone, it is an acceptable and safe destination. And meeting people near our age is a bonus. With more than 25 years of adventurous solo experience, this is our top destination for solo travelers.

Best Destinations For Solo travellers is Tanzania

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The collision in the crater of Ngorongoro in the back of the Land Rover, a camera readily in hand, with lions on one side and wildlife, on the other hand, is an experience hard to beat. All of the past or present love of King Leo will receive a sum when he says the stone formation in Serengeti looks inspired by Pride Rock. With two excellent safaris, you have a good chance to see the famous Big 5.

The excitement and prediction of the safari is a great way to meet your fellow travelers – you will not feel like a lonely traveler for long. Tour is the cheapest way to get the best experience. And it’s always good to have the security of a reputable company when you’re in the middle of Serengeti surrounded by lions, elephants, and nosebleeds, right?


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The Philippines are a great placeĀ For Solo travellers . Probably the most suitable country I’ve ever been to – the locals laugh about your day. The fact that English is one of the official languages means that you can easily follow the conversation. After traveling to Asia for a long time without speaking, it was something special.

The Philippines, which consists of 7,107 islands, are not the easiest place to move. If you are at a time when you are planning, or while you are there, a tour booking can help.

Party venues like Siargao and Boracay are great for meeting other backpackers, while peaceful towns like Bohol and Coron provide a perfect opportunity to meet locals as well.


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If people ask for my favorite country at least three times a week, their default answer is usually “Japan.” Love Japan. I love it

For six weeks I went to Sapporo and Otar Ice Festival, I was explored for two weeks, like Tokyo, Geishas in Kyoto to watch, robots, space, visited several smaller towns on the way known north to fabulous skiing and bathing, which is traditional) in Onsen.

Many of my trips to Japan have included me to compare the icons on the map with those on the signs, but that’s all about adventure. I have fond memories of Japan’s research – I feel completely safe all the time. Except when I took my life in my hands, I moved away from Niseko Mountain, of course in the name of skiing.

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos

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The Indochina route is classic for reasons. I was not in Cambodia or Laos, but I know hundreds of people whose first trip on the way was so well traveled. Vietnam is one of my favorite countries, and it was my first set in Asia.

It’s so easy to travel to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. If you are worried about a solo trip, these great food four packages, other pawnshops, religious places, fun things, and light cruises are an excellent introduction to the fantastic world of your desk.


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Coming back from a three-month trip to the United States, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois and ending in Minnesota. It is so easy there, but it takes a long time. The choice of hotels, routes, transportation and even restaurants tend to be exhausting as there were so many choices and a safe stay.

There are so many nice places to go to the United States, but with distances, it can be difficult to remove some in a short time. I recommend that you take the time to experience all the sides, not the curse. You can always come back!


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